Betsy Beaudoin for Novi School Board

Hi, I am Betsy Beaudoin

I am a Novi graduate and a working mom of three kids.  With the help of my husband, I make time for the things that matter.  As a longtime Novi resident, I love this community and love the way it has grown and changed over the years. I volunteer to support my kids and yours.  I know the magic doesn’t happen without work.  Want to learn more?  

Finding Solutions Together

Great schools don’t happen by accident.  The Novi Community School District I attended is the heartbeat of our city and has established a reputation for excellence that has been built upon for decades.  We’ve shown that when educators, students and families work together, we succeed. In our growing, changing community, I’m dedicated to collaborating to find creative solutions that support each of our students in reaching their full potential each day.